Beauty secrets for women

Posted on Novembre 1, 2016  in Being happy as a woman

Today’s lifestyle makes it harder for women to keep a straight, unwrinkled and pimple-free face. Whether its job-related stress, family life, social anxiety or sleep deprivation, they all leave their mark and turn a youthful appearance into a sad sight of dark circles, puffy bags and pale skin. Some women try to conceal these problems with excessive makeup, while others go through painful and expensive plastic surgeries. However, there are cheaper and more effective alternatives to these that may even pass as beauty secrets for the ones who have not tried them yet. Here are just a few of them.

Women care about looksbeauty tips and recommendations for women

Have a bit of “me-time” every evening. A stressful life means that many nights might find you hitting the sack without a prior check in the mirror. However, evenings are the best time to care of your skin, so take just a few minutes every night to make sure that you go to bed with a clean, retouched face. Make sure that you remove your makeup and that you wash your face with a special lotion. Next, apply a moisturizing cream that provides your skin with the necessary nutrients. Use Revitol Eye Cream from, this powerful treatment made of 100% natural ingredients. The cream will prevent any puffy bags from forming under your eyes, signs which can give you the look of hangover the next morning. Remember, this is your special time of the day and you are entitled to it.

Preparation is more important than makeup. A good painting is one that starts on a clean, empty canvas. To make sure that your makeup will be successful, you must clean your face properly before applying it. More than that, the level of moisture in your skin will determine whether the colors you apply will look stunning or simply faded and unremarkable. Revitol Eye Cream is a highly-effective lotion that will moisten your skin just enough to let you apply a smooth makeup and not one that will be too dry or running down your face a few hours later.

Best kept beauty secrets

Learn from WebMD how to take care of your skin. Never pop a pimple! Most women fear zits and pimples from the first day of puberty. The skin of an adolescent girl has the power to recover fast and effective after each lump is removed. However, for adult women, popping one of these annoying blemishes could lead to tiny scars or pits that only grow larger with the advancing years. Instead of applying the old squeezing method, make sure that your skin is properly moisturized at all times and that you use creams based on natural extracts only.

Pay more attention to your cheekbones. Some ladies choose to ignore this region of their face completely. Others apply large strokes of rouge blushes which give them a clown-like appearance guaranteed to turn off any possible love interest. However, few realize just how important this area of the face is to attract attention in any situation. The right makeup would include a skim layer of foundation and well-blended powder that matches your skin color and the one of your hair. These products are usually over-saturated with chemicals, so to prevent an infection use a moisturizing lotion like Revitol Eye Cream every time you take your makeup off. This will ensure that your face will maintain its health and vitality.